Our Philosophy

Not always appreciated when choosing a dentist or other health professional is knowing what kind of relationship you are getting into.  Are you compatible with the intentions and well-served by the capabilities of the dentist?

Dr. Ference feels strongly that everyone should do what they (hopefully correctly) determine to be in their own best interest.  It is important that you understand which treatment serves you well. We try to explain where you are leading yourself by choosing a particular option.  We understand that everyone deserves respect as a unique individual.  But we have all made choices that were errors looking back.  It's important  to recognize where you are now, learn from past mistakes, and try to make your path forward a good one.  Anything we can do to help you achieve a good dental outcome is our mission.  For some people, it is just getting out of pain. For others it could be a great improvement in appearance.  And for others, it could be a complete "makeover" taking them to a whole new level in comfort, appearance, and overall health.

 Fortunately, we offer a wide range of services and make a point of working towards excellence.  Mediocrity in the world of dentistry is not a blessing for the patient or for a conscientous professional.  We get our greatest reward when we are visited by patients who are happy with the result we have achieved. That makes it all worthwhile. The benefits of  health and comfort are frequently underestimated until they are lost.  Then it can be terribly clear that if you're not feeling well, emotionally or physically, not much else matters.  We do not seek  to be the lowest cost provider as that usually involves very compromised quality that we would not want for ourself.  Rather, we seek to provide a very high quality service at a medium level of cost.  That we believe we can achieve and that is the type of "good value" that we would seek for ourself or our loved ones. 

We are very willing to help you.  And we recognize that finances frequently are a factor, so we offer alternative treatments, phased treatments, and financing plans  that  hopefully allow you to go in the direction you determine is in your best interest.


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